Friday, October 12, 2007


Fairies are out there. I know they are, I can feel...

and I have seen them...

They are God's creations.

Cottingley fairies is one of reasons why I am researching on supernatural

Thursday, October 4, 2007

You ask...

Some people asked me what makes me interesting into UFO's, etc...

I know my story is too long... but only thing I can said---

It wasn't first time long time ago...

It was first time when I was only baby, I don't understand the idea of things (Earth, Universe, space travelling..) until I was about 10. That hits me. My last encounter was in 2001. Something went wrong.

Try to understand my point of view, I could never be able to prove it but it's my life (No one asked me of this). And there is no lies. Believe me. All I know it was not time but soon. Don't know when but they will come.

I will post some of my stories.

Here's one in short.

"My first meeting with a Pleiadian started when I was only baby- not yet turned age one. I was sitting on female's laps. My early memory was looking out the porthole and behold- a spinning blue gem called Earth and saw male Pleiadian standing and smiling in the doorway. He was the one who I contacted with many times.

"That is where-" he never finished his sentence. He didn't speaking. He always talking telepathically. He is my best friend. I looked up and always love that group of stars called Pleiades. I didn't know that name Pleiades until few years ago. But I never forget the beauty of an open star cluster. I have been there many times."
-posted somewhere between 2002-2003

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Speaking of the Other Side

As I did my best talking about ghosts and spirits.

If you have seen a movie called "What Dreams May Come" starred Robin Williams. It is good example.. of course not 100 percent accurate but parts are similar to real Other Side (heaven)

I talked about when spirit comes and see you in her or his form who you may or may not recognized. In that movie, Dr. Chris Neilson didn't know that his son was this black guy and his daughter as Asian woman. They choose their visages.

After he dies, his wife, Annie killed herself and went to hell. Which is true. Of course there is no hell but as "hell" lot of people who trapped in the dark room with no ticket to heaven. Earth is Hell. Why do you think we are here for? To fight against evil, of course that is why here is hell. Not where there is fire and brimstone like in movie you saw. It didn't exist but in your mind if you believe it... but there is no hell inside Earth. Sorry, no, Earth is one. Look around, war, hate, killing, discriminating, etc...

From what I learned, the dark room or "left" door is where they go instead of the Other Side. And they will be sent back to Earth to start over until they finished their contact with God. Once you finished your goal/contact then you can go to the Heaven not the "left" door/the dark room. Sometimes some of you accidentally enter in that room. You can't help them but love them, hope one day they will come home. Like they said, that is all in God's plan for every one.

Other part that you can create something like a house in the Other Side... similar to Chris with his painted home.

So... I enjoyed this movie. I think it gave us an idea what it would be like there. Whoever wrote that story. Good job. I hope someday, someone will make a movie more like what the Other Side would be. That way we can understand why we are here on Earth in first place.

I believe I am here for 44th time. I'll explain it later.

Monday, September 17, 2007

X-Files show: "Closure"

Scene from X-Files show "Closure"

I have seen this show. It is very interesting, however... is it a fact? I don't know. Is Walk-In for real? I don't know.

It was about Walk-In who took children from harm... real bad, horrible... saved them. The children has turned into spirits-- starlights.

Anyway, the reason I choice some pictures from that show. Long time ago, I had a strange dream that there was a tornado. We has a special place for kids to be safe from tornado. I was kid that time, we ran into that small place and hide there... lie down with head down with my arms covering the back of my head.

For a moment... I looked up... found myself in dark but found lot of us kids glowing blue. They were playing games.. jumping ropes... checker board... other stuffs...

That is so strange but interesting.

Until I saw that X-Files show "Closure", in near ending of the show. I saw kids having fun, glowing blue. That gave me creeps.

Is that fact or just a coincidence?

Sunday, September 16, 2007


scene from X-Files "Closure"

Spirits are different than ghosts and they know they are dead. They are just come here to said hi. Trying to get your attention or drop a clue for you. Even watching over you.

Spirits will not harm you or anyone at all. Sometimes they will bring message or will help you for something. They do talk to you sometimes clear sometimes in high pitch sound (chirp in Sylvia Browne's book)

They either come in clear form or in "shadow" depend on how we see them. Most of time we can't see. We could feel them around. Again that is all depend on each of us.

Again when someone you know or love died and gone to heaven, she or he may come back seeing you in her or his age (age when died) or in other age (in 30's in the Other Side (heaven) that you may not recognize her or him) even appearance (as other male or female).

You do not need to be afraid of them either.

If you are curious, try to read one of Sylvia Browne's books. There is one book, "Life on the Other Side" talked about what "heaven" looks like. I do recall some of it. Interesting.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


scene from X-Files show "Closure"

I don't know how many people have seen ghosts. Around their homes or in store or anywhere.
The sad thing is that ghost didn't know that he or she is dead. It thought it is still living but trapped, earthbound.... and hanging around instead of go into the light (God/Heaven)

You can help them, of course, they don't understand but are confused and all. Just do your best, love them, tell them that this life is over. Tell them to go into the light. Sometimes it work, sometimes not.

Don't be scared of them. They are just don't understand why you are there at their home or something.

Try to pray for them, talk to them... and also pray for God, spirits, angels to take them home (Heaven).

I have a personal experience. It was strange. I was in college in New York. My bedroom closet is small but when I opened the door, I notieced my stuffs are gone but there's missing back wall. I can see the living room. So strange, I closed the door. I opened again.. the back wall is back but still empty... I closed... told myself, what the heck is going on?

I opened again and notice thundering storm going on there. A weather inside the closet? I closed it. Finally I opened for the last time, my closet is back to normal expect the black girl standing there, staring at me.

She yelled at me for I don't know how long. When she stopped yelling, I simply said, "It is not your fault. It is not my fault. (I can't remember what else I said to her) If you want to talk to someone, I am here."

She smiled.

Never seen again since.

There is one site about Ghost Hunting:

The team TAPS is helping some people about ghosts in their homes or places.
Sometimes they did catch on the tape, sometimes not. It's interesting show.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I do believe that chupacabra does exist. There are many stories about it.
The origin of it is a good question. The key is that there are UFO sightings.
So it is very likely that the chupacabra is not earthling.

One statement about it in one book said chupacabra went AWOL when the experiment went wrong.
Or it got loose. Either way, people saw it around. Aliens, of course, are supposed to be responsible to take it back. Often time they did, but why did they pick this planet is unknown. I guess they want to see how it is doing here on planet Earth.

There are many stories and information on internet.
Here's couple

You also need to be aware of some other stories on internet are fake with fake pictures. You need to be wise to know the difference.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Belguim UFO

Belguim UFO (left) and Military UFO (right) that looked like Belguim UFO but not.

I don't know why I am very interested in this one. Long time ago when I tried to explain the ship but lousy at it. All I said "bright stars around moon" of course I didn't mean stars and moon... ( I was young kid that time) but it was my description of the size of the lights.

Until I saw it on Unsolved Mysteries TV show.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Why didn't he...

Why didn't Billy Meier take a shot the inside of the spaceship?

He said it's due to the magnetic field. That effects (ruins) the shots so he can't take one.
But then he took some from the porthole.

That does not make sense to me. He knew.

To tell you the truth, no one had take a shot the inside of the spaceship. It is "impossible" and if someone has, please come forward.

P.S I read somewhere that he has special camera from Pleiadians/Plejarens... then why didn't he take a shot? He didn't!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Asket Hoax

Why did they keeping on this? Once he faked one photo, he faked whole thing... and they keeping on telling us to read Billy's Henoch Prophecies.

He took a picture of female alien named Asket. Suddenly someone recognized her as Dean Martin's dancer (Golddiggers) on TV show.

Someone tried to pointed out that he didn't have satellite TV. Oh please. My family was poor, we don't have cable. We did watch TV with antenna. No cable. No dish. Until now... someone's idea to force us to have cable that the bill is ridiculous high cost. They plan to have digital cable in every home. Crazy! No joke. That is what I read online... President Bush supports that.

Anyway, I took some pictures off the TV, poster, etc... and see how it came out... I can see it didn't look right. Why can't they do the same with Billy's photos? Said it didn't look right. I have noticed some people did noticed. Some don't.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Other Hoax- Billy's Dinosaur Photos

Take a good look at this-

It is what Billy Meier took a picture from. He did not travel in time to see the dinosaurs.
and more... just find them online.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Solved Mystery

My friend told me about her experinces with UFO when she realized that I am into this Ufology field. I am her good friend. "I did saw them. They wore red/orange uniform- really orange with insignia, had black belt and boots, maybe silver something." she did her best describing them.

I did looked as much as I can find any record of alien wore orange uniform. No luck. Also she started to describe their spaceship even tried to draw it. I laughed at it. I do not mean to make fun of her. I laughed at drawing because it seemed familiar like if it came from Star War or sci-fi story. I can't put my finger on it.

Finally my other friend has a movie video titled "V: The Final Battle." We watched it. I looked at her, "You must be young that time and watched this. Then it became your memory even thought you can't recall where it came form. It came from that movie." She smiled sheepish. She must be embarrassed! Her descriptions matched to two images from "V" I found.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pleiadians or Plejarens?

Billy Meier stated that the aliens are from Pleiades, (star Taygeta).

But he changed the story and said they are from other system about 80 light years beyond the Pleiades in another dimension.

Why changed the subject?

He said that we may not understand plus he said that the Pleiades is inhabitable. The stars are too young to support life.

It was as he talked out of the textbook.

In my mind, is Billy covering up his mistakes? He said Pleiades in first place then now somewhere else... something's wrong. My feeling was that when he read book or something and discovered that the Pleiades stars are young that scientists believed that it can't support life. That is must be how he changed the story.

That part I did asked the guy in the group I quit and he was like "hmmmm, true but..."

But what? No excuse.

I know Pleiades do support life, regardless to the age of the stars.

It's not Alien

I saw this years ago on the internet.... it does look like one but no, it's fish.

It's too obvious.

Here's one

Why Billy Meier?

Why him?

He's just lied to you.

I don't understand why some people still supporting him. I still see that since. Why can't they see that photos are fake. Suddenly they blamed on MIB?

Oh, please!

He CAN'T be only one in the world to have contact with aliens. Heck no! He's just lied to you about that.

I have visited his website, as far as I remember, his website changed THREE times! At first, he has all stories but few webpages he did set up but no information in them at all... wasting of time. I did contacted them complained that it may have broken links. It's not! At 2nd time they changed without those "empty" webpages. Now, it's no longer anymore. It got new url and much less than before. Now you tell me what it is really about? Lies? He's full of bulls?

I'll post some stories later... And it's for you to decide to accept the fact or not. Can't blame you.

Pleiades Data

There are more than it looks... if you were there you will know some things- for example-- It has been told that Atlas is binary however there is other-- Sterope is also binary. Alcyone is multiple. Pleione is a shell star.

Life has been supporting in Atlas, Alcyone and possibly
Pheione even though science denies it.There is short comment of Alcyone at


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