Friday, October 12, 2007


Fairies are out there. I know they are, I can feel...

and I have seen them...

They are God's creations.

Cottingley fairies is one of reasons why I am researching on supernatural

Thursday, October 4, 2007

You ask...

Some people asked me what makes me interesting into UFO's, etc...

I know my story is too long... but only thing I can said---

It wasn't first time long time ago...

It was first time when I was only baby, I don't understand the idea of things (Earth, Universe, space travelling..) until I was about 10. That hits me. My last encounter was in 2001. Something went wrong.

Try to understand my point of view, I could never be able to prove it but it's my life (No one asked me of this). And there is no lies. Believe me. All I know it was not time but soon. Don't know when but they will come.

I will post some of my stories.

Here's one in short.

"My first meeting with a Pleiadian started when I was only baby- not yet turned age one. I was sitting on female's laps. My early memory was looking out the porthole and behold- a spinning blue gem called Earth and saw male Pleiadian standing and smiling in the doorway. He was the one who I contacted with many times.

"That is where-" he never finished his sentence. He didn't speaking. He always talking telepathically. He is my best friend. I looked up and always love that group of stars called Pleiades. I didn't know that name Pleiades until few years ago. But I never forget the beauty of an open star cluster. I have been there many times."
-posted somewhere between 2002-2003