Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Noak's Ark in Turkey is just Rock Formation

Noak's Ark in Turkey is just rock formation. Look around that photos, you can see other formations in same manner as "ark."


Sadly, Noah's Ark is just a story. Period.
I know many people want to believe it. The story is lovely, of course, was just to teach us about several things.
It simply can't be real because of number he collected of animals is impossible. It can't be globe flood.
My opinion was that it happened locally because we still have many races around the world. We have very high number of animals and so on still around us. Lot were not discovered in history until those people traveled to other countries to find them. So... use common sense. Noah's Ark story is just a moral teaching.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fake UFO/Alien Photos

Lot of photos and film are fake around internet, even in the books too. Some of them are obvious and some are not... because of graphic effects and computer graphics are better now. Creators find a way to fool you! All you need to figure out what is real and what is not. There's lot to learn.

I know and they are pain in butt! Not know why they wanted to do that. My only guess was that they want to make a fool out of you! Maybe 15 minutes of fame. What else is there? Huh

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Data for Pleiades Has Been Updated

With some new information I found, I'm glad because I fought with one guy long ago when he said it can't be this and that. I let him go. I always bet that one day more truth will come out of it.

This open star cluster is, of course, "young", whatever they called it, but they need to know that aliens with their spaceships that are capable of travel in space. Right? And some of them are capable of settling down on new planets. So... Where did they get name from? Why did they call themselves Pleiadians? Personally, I believed that in the beginning all Pleiadians were originally Lyrans (aliens from Lyra star system). Who knows.

Please, not feline humanoids! Pleiadians ARE humans, period.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gulf Breeze UFO

I found this link: after seeing the Godzilla movie "Godzilla vs Monster Zero"... I saw UFO flying around... they were picking up Godzilla and Rodan and took them to Planet X...

Spaceship reminded me of Gulf Breeze UFO...

Snap from TV screen from Godzilla movie

Lucky that I took a snap of spaceship from movie... so you can see what it looks like. If those filmmakers can do it for the movie, I am sure some people can do with fake UFO models.

I believed that Billy Meier may have seen real UFO and then somehow he wanted more, he came up with out of unreal stories. Why? I can tell they are fakes. I doubt he done this alone. He had help. Stories didn't make sense. I did asked for answers and Meier's group couldn't answer them.

So... it's sad to see people like that crying for attention, maybe fame.

See more information on the movie, go to:

Interesting Point of View...

I just found this interesting comic strip about two people lied about trip to Venus...
Like I always say, be honest.

Link to other Websites

Two links has been fixed...
Galactic Database 's link has been updated
Universe People 's link... it added long message in the beginning so I updated the link to skip that part. I am not interested in that message part... I am interested in photos in there...

I also fixed one link for Hand-on Universe... not know why they were broken...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Very Interesting...

First... I am very busy person with college life that I didn't post much for this blog. Again I will do it when I get a chance. I am sure that I will be able to after I finished all my courses.
Okay... Secondly, what I found is very interesting. No matter how many I type into search engine relating to Pleiades/Pleiadians subject. All I find was typically photo of stars and several repeating drawing of Pleiades. I didn't find one good. I do not feel it is enough information on Pleiadians. Sure, there were "channeling" whatever that called and some contactee information.

What I really want to see drawing of what they learned from channeling or "chat" with Pleiadian about their home world. Not much. It is vvvvveeeerrrrryyyyy little on internet. Sorry I do not believe in Billy Meier's photos. They are fake. Whatever they are. There is no way Pleiadian spaceship looks like this. Maybe one but really none like this I have seen in my life.


There is one I found in NY... a card. I already talked of it in my blog... I do not mind to repeat it so...