Friday, April 25, 2014

Am I only person knows about Pleiadian's homeworld?

Know what bothers me since... there is very, very, very little about Pleiadian homeworld... I have been looking for any drawing or whateverso that is related to Pleiadian's planet. Zero. ZERO. I can only found some fun, fantasy drawings of it but no one seems know what it really looks like. How sad. Even worse, Billy Meier's bullshit about their planet(s)... He knows none, period!

No one have a corrected answer of it. No one.

However, Pleiadians did come here. They watched and helped. They are real.

How they travel... there are few ways. You do not want know one of it. Too complicated. One of the ways is similar to Star Trek where they can increase speed if need. Pleiades is not that far so it takes them about 2 weeks (give or take) to arrive under normal speed. If they go like Warp 9, it takes a day or two, depend on situation... so basically, I know. They found a way to avoid time loss.

It is so amazing that there is so little information on Pleiadians... Why? Secretive? Or just a plain unknown?

I wish I could tell you about them. Complicated yet beautiful.