Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When I was 10...

When I was about 10 years old, looking at the sky at my grandma's home.

I wondered where is giant planet... where are other moons. Of course I could not understand the idea of life on other planets. Young. Can't think. I studied the sky, guess maybe it's on other side of Earth. I did visited Florida and Puerto Rico, with that by airplane. I do not know how exact the planet system works with moons and other stuffs.

I then saw a plane flying by, still wondering.


I remembered I was looking at the sky that have no plane, no helicopter, no small plane (skywriting)... and no "Goodyear" blimp.

I standing there saw the oppose, there is no other moons and a giant gas planet.

Oh, no! My mind finally realized something, it is not EARTH.

That's how I began to understand and wanted to know more of it.

Additional note: When I was in college, there was small "street" sale (vendors who sell stuffs on tables) inside the building. I came cross one card on table which the lady was selling crystals, jewels and some "supernatural" stuffs. It has lot similar to what I used to seeing. The sky with giant gas planet and moons. I just can't believe it. I had to buy that card. That card made me want to cry. Funny enough when I got it, I studied it, on the back of the card that had title that read "Pleiades Paradise" Made me wondering. Personally, I know one thing I haven't said of gas planet and that card don't have it. Don't worry, I found same one online (save my time from scan my card)