Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Starship of the movie Cocoon

This is one of my favorite alien starships.
I want to show this because it always got my interest.

In the ending of the movie Cocoon, this starship showed up to pick up its people.
It came with no light then the blue lights pop and then yellow lights pop. I love to watch that one over and over even to the end of the movie when it travels home.

It is different than the movie Close Encounter of the Third Kind where the huge mothership came in with lot of lights.

This is my utmost favorite starship as if it is for real.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Drawing

This is my ink drawing done in 1996.
It wasn't easy for me to draw my friend who called himself "Paul".
Below me are little people that look like children,
and no, they are not "little green men".

I believed that he may have put a type of block in my mind
to prevent an attempt to draw him. Who knows.
I do know what he looks like but fail in draw him.

Sorry that I took a picture of it bit dark.

I hope someday I will finally perfect draw him.