Thursday, November 13, 2008


Of course I wish I could prove this to you but there is only thing was-
No one asked me to take a proof... like an object or a photography. NONE.

Really, as of now, I wish I could. Well, when I was young, I do not own any camera. I do not get my own camera until I am teenage. Mom gave me like weird film disk I think 15 exposures of Kodak. I don't remember what it called. I no longer have that camera. I remember I saw a movie called "Time Bandits" the boy who thought of use camera to prove he wasn't imagine of something has happened in his bedroom. That he ended up travelling with band of little thieves. When his adventure ended... he woke up, saved by fireman. In result he suspected and checked his bag... behold his photos from his adventures. I thought it was cool. I wish I could do the same.

Anyway to the point, yes I love Star Wars, Star Trek and another Sci-Fi movies/TVs. There are various aliens. Of course some of them are ugly, scary and whatnot... talking about aliens, I thought it was beautiful idea to have various aliens.


I do not remember meeting one like that. Numerous of time, I saw aliens that are humans. Very much humans. No antenna. No animal faces. I don't recall any. Yes, there are small humans and some tall humans. Sorry man, I wish I could tell you that "Yes, I meet someone like Chewbacca." No such luck.

Reason I was bringing this up, I saw a movie last month called The Last Mimzy. In the end of the that movie, two aliens that you could easily believed they are "Greys" but they are not. They are humans wearing life suits. That is good example of what I was trying to tell that the chance "Grey" some people saw are humans wearing life suits due to different atmosphere.

This movie, two teenagers wear life suits because they need to stay health, are weak to illness/environment. Doctor found a way to fix DNA so that they can continue live without life suits.