Monday, June 16, 2008

I have some PSI abilities

I just wanted to tell you a bit about me.

I do believe I have some of "paranormal" abilities.

  • Synesthesia- whatever I see food or things (music instruments) on
    TV, I can hear sound or can smell food. (Keep in mind that I am deaf)
  • Messenger- Getting some messages from dream so that I can warn or deliver the message. It is for person whether he or she choice to believe (act on) or not.
  • Empathy- I hate that because if person cry, I cry... if person gets mad, I get mad for no reason at all. Just that I pick up their emotion energies. However, it is not frequent, thank god.
  • When I use my hand, look for clue or whateverso... I feel heat in hand. I don't know what it called but some people said healing. But I wasn't doing over body, it was over stuffs.
  • Astral Projection- happened when I need to-- don't know why.

I can't remember what else but of course I do sometimes see forms (spirits/ghosts) Also do believe in past lives (Did recalled some of my past lives. Interesting.)

Any question? Peace.