Sunday, August 23, 2015

The Alien Evolution

Hmmm... how interesting... left- that is my drawing from 6 years ago... and right- that was from TV show Ancient Aliens yesterday (air on 8/21/15 on History channel) I see the similarities.

They were talking about The Alien Evolution but I do not believe that. I do know that some species came here to settle and some of them died out due to the environment. Not all "alien" species can survived on planet Earth. Few different species came here and died in short time. I do not believe in human evolution either. I doubt we evolved from apes. No. We are just so damn close in so many similarities. That is all.

The reason is that this drawing I drew 6 years ago was that I actual met male alien on other planet and those people does not have technology just yet. That is because I was seeing him wear clothes like old clothes from B.C. time and he has staff. His face is human but his head shape is different... that is because it was sort of elongated. He has dark skin as African... yeah, I mean it. African as if he came from Egypt. The guy who I was "guide by" is not one of them. I do not remember where he came from but again he is there to help the dark skinned people with elongated heads.

So... after I saw that show... I was wondering... what if those people died here is the same specie I met on other planet? This is up for debate. How interesting.