Sunday, October 5, 2008

Flying Mantas

This episode I saw on the TV. It's screen capture from Doctor Who TV Series. Anyway, when that episode started, I got a glimpse of flying thing in the sky. It was showed for very short time. It somehow got my attention.

Long time ago, I was young, I had a dream that I was in really nice science museum. I don't know where. I walked into oval shaped room, really large, smooth walls all around. There were rows of "tanks" of animals, creatures, bugs, plants whatever they got there for us to view.

At the end of the room, middle of the oval wall was a small porthole. I peeked inside.

In there were several transparent "flying" mantas (much look like sea mantas) Their skins are similar to jellyfish that you could almost see through. They were flying gracefully.

Honesty, when I saw that on TV, it really brought back my old memory. I was like whoa. Personally, I wasn't sure if it is a dream or it was a dream of real place. No known fact.

This is my drawing. I added some images to tanks. This is best as I could to describe the place.