Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pleiadian's Homeworld

I love to look at different alien landscapes that other made online... I have found some are so similar to friend's homeworld. So here are three "arts" and I made few changes to them to get an idea. The bottom one is but too much of aqua color, but I like it anyway. It supposed to be more like the sky that you see on Earth but the suns are in aqua colors. Oh, well. I know it's hard to describe so that's why I am planning to do a digital drawing of his homeworld someday, hopeful soon. Yes, it is Jovian (gas) planet in red-orange color with rings. Middle one is what I saw few years ago... sun setting and looks bit big. I wish I had more time there. If should I happened to be back there, I would have to take pictures! Most of time, I forgot to do it, but in my early days, I never though I should have take pictures of them because no one asked! I was young and did not own any camera. I never though of need a proof. None. Now, I heard stories and many times, they want a proof. Wow. My biggest fear is that if I produced the proofs, will the government attack me? Kidnap me? Or made me vanish off the face of Earth? I don't know what would happened if that happened. I have so many concerns over that issue. I would love to show you their worlds but how? Should I risk myself over that? Remember what happened with Roswell crash? MIB stories?

Friday, April 25, 2014

Am I only person knows about Pleiadian's homeworld?

Know what bothers me since... there is very, very, very little about Pleiadian homeworld... I have been looking for any drawing or whateverso that is related to Pleiadian's planet. Zero. ZERO. I can only found some fun, fantasy drawings of it but no one seems know what it really looks like. How sad. Even worse, Billy Meier's bullshit about their planet(s)... He knows none, period!

No one have a corrected answer of it. No one.

However, Pleiadians did come here. They watched and helped. They are real.

How they travel... there are few ways. You do not want know one of it. Too complicated. One of the ways is similar to Star Trek where they can increase speed if need. Pleiades is not that far so it takes them about 2 weeks (give or take) to arrive under normal speed. If they go like Warp 9, it takes a day or two, depend on situation... so basically, I know. They found a way to avoid time loss.

It is so amazing that there is so little information on Pleiadians... Why? Secretive? Or just a plain unknown?

I wish I could tell you about them. Complicated yet beautiful.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bob Lazar's Area 51 UFO can't be real

I forgot to blog this... The man named Bob Lazar told the world about the secret of Area 51 UFO... He described what UFO looks like and so on...

When I went in the store long time ago, I found UFO model kit. I bought it but never built it...

Like I said before, I do research... Do you know what I found?

Area 51 UFO does look like Pleiadian UFO. I suspected a foul play. Since Billy Meier lied about his meeting with Pleiadians and his fake photos of spaceships. I suspected Bob may have used his information of spaceship- what it looks like and used it to prove us that it is real.

However, I know UFO had crashed which is fact and other things. And it is no way it is the same ship he was talking about. I am sure it is similar in form but not exact as Pleiadian spaceship.

Take a look and tell me what you see-

That is clear something is wrong with the stories! You need to be careful, do your research to find the truth instead of falling for their lies.