Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Pleiadian's Homeworld

I love to look at different alien landscapes that other made online... I have found some are so similar to friend's homeworld. So here are three "arts" and I made few changes to them to get an idea. The bottom one is but too much of aqua color, but I like it anyway. It supposed to be more like the sky that you see on Earth but the suns are in aqua colors. Oh, well. I know it's hard to describe so that's why I am planning to do a digital drawing of his homeworld someday, hopeful soon. Yes, it is Jovian (gas) planet in red-orange color with rings. Middle one is what I saw few years ago... sun setting and looks bit big. I wish I had more time there. If should I happened to be back there, I would have to take pictures! Most of time, I forgot to do it, but in my early days, I never though I should have take pictures of them because no one asked! I was young and did not own any camera. I never though of need a proof. None. Now, I heard stories and many times, they want a proof. Wow. My biggest fear is that if I produced the proofs, will the government attack me? Kidnap me? Or made me vanish off the face of Earth? I don't know what would happened if that happened. I have so many concerns over that issue. I would love to show you their worlds but how? Should I risk myself over that? Remember what happened with Roswell crash? MIB stories?

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