Thursday, November 13, 2008


Of course I wish I could prove this to you but there is only thing was-
No one asked me to take a proof... like an object or a photography. NONE.

Really, as of now, I wish I could. Well, when I was young, I do not own any camera. I do not get my own camera until I am teenage. Mom gave me like weird film disk I think 15 exposures of Kodak. I don't remember what it called. I no longer have that camera. I remember I saw a movie called "Time Bandits" the boy who thought of use camera to prove he wasn't imagine of something has happened in his bedroom. That he ended up travelling with band of little thieves. When his adventure ended... he woke up, saved by fireman. In result he suspected and checked his bag... behold his photos from his adventures. I thought it was cool. I wish I could do the same.

Anyway to the point, yes I love Star Wars, Star Trek and another Sci-Fi movies/TVs. There are various aliens. Of course some of them are ugly, scary and whatnot... talking about aliens, I thought it was beautiful idea to have various aliens.


I do not remember meeting one like that. Numerous of time, I saw aliens that are humans. Very much humans. No antenna. No animal faces. I don't recall any. Yes, there are small humans and some tall humans. Sorry man, I wish I could tell you that "Yes, I meet someone like Chewbacca." No such luck.

Reason I was bringing this up, I saw a movie last month called The Last Mimzy. In the end of the that movie, two aliens that you could easily believed they are "Greys" but they are not. They are humans wearing life suits. That is good example of what I was trying to tell that the chance "Grey" some people saw are humans wearing life suits due to different atmosphere.

This movie, two teenagers wear life suits because they need to stay health, are weak to illness/environment. Doctor found a way to fix DNA so that they can continue live without life suits.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Flying Mantas

This episode I saw on the TV. It's screen capture from Doctor Who TV Series. Anyway, when that episode started, I got a glimpse of flying thing in the sky. It was showed for very short time. It somehow got my attention.

Long time ago, I was young, I had a dream that I was in really nice science museum. I don't know where. I walked into oval shaped room, really large, smooth walls all around. There were rows of "tanks" of animals, creatures, bugs, plants whatever they got there for us to view.

At the end of the room, middle of the oval wall was a small porthole. I peeked inside.

In there were several transparent "flying" mantas (much look like sea mantas) Their skins are similar to jellyfish that you could almost see through. They were flying gracefully.

Honesty, when I saw that on TV, it really brought back my old memory. I was like whoa. Personally, I wasn't sure if it is a dream or it was a dream of real place. No known fact.

This is my drawing. I added some images to tanks. This is best as I could to describe the place.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Giant Crystals Cave

Recently, I saw commerical of National Geographic show on TV.

I could not believe my eyes that they has it.

When I was little girl, I am aware of those huge size crystals. I only assumed it existed on other planets.

Until I saw this on TV. I was ready to fall off the chair.

It's not dream anymore. It's not fantasy anymore.

For more information, go to : Giant Crystals Cave

It will air on National Geographic Channel on October 12 at 9pm- Eastern Time.

Monday, June 16, 2008

I have some PSI abilities

I just wanted to tell you a bit about me.

I do believe I have some of "paranormal" abilities.

  • Synesthesia- whatever I see food or things (music instruments) on
    TV, I can hear sound or can smell food. (Keep in mind that I am deaf)
  • Messenger- Getting some messages from dream so that I can warn or deliver the message. It is for person whether he or she choice to believe (act on) or not.
  • Empathy- I hate that because if person cry, I cry... if person gets mad, I get mad for no reason at all. Just that I pick up their emotion energies. However, it is not frequent, thank god.
  • When I use my hand, look for clue or whateverso... I feel heat in hand. I don't know what it called but some people said healing. But I wasn't doing over body, it was over stuffs.
  • Astral Projection- happened when I need to-- don't know why.

I can't remember what else but of course I do sometimes see forms (spirits/ghosts) Also do believe in past lives (Did recalled some of my past lives. Interesting.)

Any question? Peace.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When I was 10...

When I was about 10 years old, looking at the sky at my grandma's home.

I wondered where is giant planet... where are other moons. Of course I could not understand the idea of life on other planets. Young. Can't think. I studied the sky, guess maybe it's on other side of Earth. I did visited Florida and Puerto Rico, with that by airplane. I do not know how exact the planet system works with moons and other stuffs.

I then saw a plane flying by, still wondering.


I remembered I was looking at the sky that have no plane, no helicopter, no small plane (skywriting)... and no "Goodyear" blimp.

I standing there saw the oppose, there is no other moons and a giant gas planet.

Oh, no! My mind finally realized something, it is not EARTH.

That's how I began to understand and wanted to know more of it.

Additional note: When I was in college, there was small "street" sale (vendors who sell stuffs on tables) inside the building. I came cross one card on table which the lady was selling crystals, jewels and some "supernatural" stuffs. It has lot similar to what I used to seeing. The sky with giant gas planet and moons. I just can't believe it. I had to buy that card. That card made me want to cry. Funny enough when I got it, I studied it, on the back of the card that had title that read "Pleiades Paradise" Made me wondering. Personally, I know one thing I haven't said of gas planet and that card don't have it. Don't worry, I found same one online (save my time from scan my card)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Starship of the movie Cocoon

This is one of my favorite alien starships.
I want to show this because it always got my interest.

In the ending of the movie Cocoon, this starship showed up to pick up its people.
It came with no light then the blue lights pop and then yellow lights pop. I love to watch that one over and over even to the end of the movie when it travels home.

It is different than the movie Close Encounter of the Third Kind where the huge mothership came in with lot of lights.

This is my utmost favorite starship as if it is for real.

Monday, March 10, 2008

My Drawing

This is my ink drawing done in 1996.
It wasn't easy for me to draw my friend who called himself "Paul".
Below me are little people that look like children,
and no, they are not "little green men".

I believed that he may have put a type of block in my mind
to prevent an attempt to draw him. Who knows.
I do know what he looks like but fail in draw him.

Sorry that I took a picture of it bit dark.

I hope someday I will finally perfect draw him.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Bigfoots and Loch Ness Monsters are very likely results of tulpas.
When lot of people believed it's real, it became real then there are sightings.
Once less of people believed in them, it faded away, less sightings.
It's also called thoughtform.
Bigfoots and Loch Ness Monsters are not only things that created by thought. There are several more creatures out there that are scary or normal or whateverso.

Monday, January 7, 2008

More on Military UFO

scene from X-Files show "Dreamland"

As seen in the show, the government has made a aircraft that resembled as Belgium UFO. In sense it is smaller than Belgium UFO.

There are some reports on that near Area 51 and other places. This image I found is good example of what our government can do.

Unfortunately, it won't be as advance as original out-of-worldly aircraft. It can be either unmanned or just one man craft compare to unknown aircraft that carried hundred aliens.