Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bob Lazar's Area 51 UFO can't be real

I forgot to blog this... The man named Bob Lazar told the world about the secret of Area 51 UFO... He described what UFO looks like and so on...

When I went in the store long time ago, I found UFO model kit. I bought it but never built it...

Like I said before, I do research... Do you know what I found?

Area 51 UFO does look like Pleiadian UFO. I suspected a foul play. Since Billy Meier lied about his meeting with Pleiadians and his fake photos of spaceships. I suspected Bob may have used his information of spaceship- what it looks like and used it to prove us that it is real.

However, I know UFO had crashed which is fact and other things. And it is no way it is the same ship he was talking about. I am sure it is similar in form but not exact as Pleiadian spaceship.

Take a look and tell me what you see-

That is clear something is wrong with the stories! You need to be careful, do your research to find the truth instead of falling for their lies.

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