Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are Pleiadians for Real?

I do not want to go on and on and on.... but I want to tell few things about them. Yes, Pleiadians are real.

They are HUMANS like you and me so that's why you couldn't tell the difference.

Their jobs are spirituality-related. More than 5 years ago, the man showed me something--- (since I am deaf and it didn't stop them from talk to me) He showed me a burning building. He also showed me a bunch of people with dogs. I looked up and see Pleiades (open star cluster) up there, bright and shining. I looked back to them and studied dogs. I looked back at the burning building. Finally I glanced back to the man. He spoke in my mind, "Search and rescue." Lastly, I looked again at Pleiades. I understood.

Unlike to other stories you heard/know... Yes they are aliens and no, they didn't bother Earth unless they have reason to do so which is "Search and rescue." Yes, they did come and visited. That is pretty much they do so far and again with their "search and rescue" mission. What is it? Generally, all of you know God created universe. Right? There are thousands and thousands of planets with life on it out there. When a person who was in trouble which is complex and Pleiadian came and helped this person get back her/his spirituality (back to her/his path).

I never experience any hate or angry from them. It is so rare. Maybe frustrated but never directly at me.

I do not think they started in Pleiades, I mean they had to be come from somewhere, maybe Lyra, moved to Pleiades so therefore named Pleiadians. Just like Earth, I am not sure of exact number of alien races settled here. The best bet is to look up in Bible and read part of "Tower of Babel" which I greatly believe was misinterpreted. They came down, NOT went up. There is not ONE language but many so they didn't understand each others. Andromeda, Orion, Pleiades, etc sent groups to Earth to survive. So now, you still can't tell the difference that maybe half, maybe 1/4 (not sure of exact percent) of you in world are descendants of them.

I do not believe what scientists thought how we "changed the look" in what thousands years? Like black people, they said because of hot climates with lot of sun that turned the skin dark... Really??? I did listen but still do not believe that. It is just guess. No way that it actual happened. The answer is simply, they were already that look in the beginning!!! As God intended.

Now... Pleiadians will never tell you it's them within a reason. They will someday so be patient. I know Paul who is Pleiadian since I was baby and I still miss him. I know he will come. He's gone somewhere because there is trouble up there. One day, we will meet again with open arms, again.

Unlike to what Meier said, that they have laser gun or ray gun, I never see ONE of them carrying it. They are like explorers. I never forget one time, I was in room, sort of small one but it has dome. I could see space in dome, grid and chart... feel like I'm in space. I am not sure if that place on planet or on spaceship but when I see space, it is beautiful at the same time scared because it is so VAST of space that you could be lost in it. I just stared at it. I know other times are so scary because some things you didn't get to see on TV program like NOVA. No. Some areas are so complex that you can't tell which is which except for those aliens always know. It will make you shit in your pant.
"Chart" Room similar to this one (photo found online with few changes from me)
Lastly, Pleiadians do not abduct people. Most of that you would find in the movies. My only gut feeling is that maybe it's government playing a game on us so that we quickly blame on aliens. It can be from movies or TV shows we saw, dreamt of it and then suddenly blame on aliens as well. Please think carefully instead of jump to the conclusion. It did happen to one of my friends. She went on and on about aliens in orange uniforms and their shuttles. I suspected and couldn't put a finger on it. Finally, we found. The result was all of that belong to the old TV show "V: The Series." She couldn't believe it. She felt embarrassed.

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